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Call Groups

What are call groups?

Call groups are of crucial necessity when it comes to compartmentalising your business. Call groups refer to specific branches of your business. 

E.g. Sales Enquiries, General Calls, Accounts, etc

The more compartmentalisation your business has, the more professional your business comes across as. Not only do call groups help maintain professionalism within your business and create a variety of different branches and specialisation sectors, they overly help your business flourish. Properly directing specific callers to specific departments can save a lot of time for both your business and your clients. You have access to an unlimited amount of call groups. Not only will call groups help diversify and simplify your business, they will produce a respectable, credible reputation for your business.


How do I create a call group?

Step 1: Go to officeearth.com At the top of the homepage, click Customer Login.

Step 2: Enter your login details and click Log In. You will be directed to your Account Dashboard.

Step 3: Mouse over the Settings menu at the top of your Account Dashboard. Select the Call Groups option.

Step 4: A list of call groups will be displayed, such as New Booking (Sales Enquiry), General Calls, Accounts, etc. In order to create a new call group, click the + symbol at the top right of the page. Or simply chose one of the default call groups below. Under the call groups, you can create your own new rule within any specified call group. E.g. For New Booking (Sales Enquiry), you can create new rules such as Bookings, Other Sales, Booking Cancellations, etc.

Step 5: You will have the option to choose a default call group option within the drop-down menu, or to create an entirely new call group by clicking Create A New Call Group

Step 6: Under 'Short Summary', type in the title of the call group so that our virtual receptionists know what the call group is related to. 

E.g. Sales calls, customer support, etc
​​Under 'Call Taker Instructions', type in any and all notes or instructions you wish for our virtual receptionists to repeat or follow during a call. 

E.g. Tell the caller that you are currently out of a certain product and that it will be reordered the following month

Under 'Form Data', type in any new fields that you would like our virtual receptionists to specifically gather when taking a call. 

E.g. Name, Phone Number, etc

Refer to Call Form Creator.

Step 7: When satisfied with your new call group, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Rule. Your new call group will appear in the call group page immediately after saving your call group. You can then add new rules to your new call group by clicking + Create New Rule under your new call group.

**Note: You can also integrate a call form with Google Calendar so our virtual receptionists can set schedules and bookings for you