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Add Additional Users


What Are Additional Users?

Business is merely a group of smaller sectors clumped together as they work efficiently so that their mother business thrives. However, not everyone understands everyone, and not everyone knows everything, and if your business is going to thrive it's going to have to cater to everyone and their skillsets. While you may not specialise in Bookings and Enquiries, someone else may, and while you may specialise in Customer Complaints, or Tech Support, or Job Applications, others definitely may. What's important in a business is delegating people right for the job to the right positions so that time and effort are easily spread out across your business, and that stress and confusion never exist in your workplace.


How Do I Add Additional Users?

**Note: The option to add additional users to your OfficeEarth account is only featured in the Enterprise Business or Enterprise Unlimited packages. If you are under these packages, you have the ability to create an unlimited amount of users. If are are under any package other than the Enterprise Business Package or Enterprise Unlimited Package, you will be limited to 1 user. Refer to Upgrade My Package.

Step 1: Go to officeearth.com. At the top of the homepage, click Customer Login.

Step 2: Enter your login details and click Log In. You will be directed to your personal Account Dashboard.

Step 3: Mouse over the Settings menu at the top of your Account Dashboard. Select the Users option.

Step 4: A list of users for your OfficeEarth account will be listed. Click the + symbol to create a new user.

Step 5: Fill in the user details for that specific user, such as First Name, Last NameMobileGenderAccount TypeEmail, and Password.

**Note: When entering in the mobile number, make sure you use the correct country code, as this is the number you will be receiving SMS messages on.

Step 6: When satisfied with your new user, click Save Profile.

Step 7: Once the profile of your new user is saved, on the left of the page, you have the option to adjust the 'Do Not Transfer' options. This is the option that allows the user to choose what times they do and do not wish to have callers transferred to them.

Step 8: Once you are satisfied with all of the new options for your new user, click Save Profile. Your new user will be added to your account effective immediately.