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Account Dashboard

What is my account dashboard?

The account dashboard at OfficeEarth acts a personal hub for your account. Your dashboard can be viewed at any time, and can only be viewed by yourself or any other user of your OfficeEarth account. Your dashboard displays a simple overview of your account features, statistics and more. After logging in at www.OfficeEarth.com, you will be directed immediately to your Account Dashboard, where you will be assisted with all your telephone answering needs and services.


What does my account dashboard do?

Your Account Dashboard assists you in analysing how business is faring on the telephone answering side of things. In the centre of your Account Dashboard is a graph. This graph displays an increase and/or decrease of calls received over the past 7 days. This can be a useful feature when looking to understand if any advertising or marketing schemes you have employed have made a significant difference.

On the bottom left of your Account Dashboard is a table entitled 'Statistics'. This table displays your AVG Answer Time (Average Answer Time), which gives the average time it takes for our virtual receptionists to answer your calls. It also displays a table of how many calls you have received on the day you are checking the table, how many calls you have received throughout that specific month, and the overall balance of your OfficeEarth account.

To the right of the statistics table is another table entitled 'Latest Calls'. This table acts as your very own brief personal call list. You are able to access your entire history of calls by referring to Calls List. This table displays information, such as calls you have received, the time and date of when you received them, and the name/title of the caller. By clicking on the name/title of any caller in your 'Latest Calls' table, you can open up that specific call to view more details, such as the cost of the call received, the duration of the call received, any messages left (if any) with our virtual receptionists, and even a recording of the specific call so that you can listen to how our virtual receptionists cater to your clients. Refer to Call Recordings.