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When your phone rings, our operators answer in your company name, handle the call per your instructions

24/7 Telephone Answering, Reception Services

Never miss a call, 24/7 from $10 per month

To have your call answered in 10 sec or less is our promise. Can you afford to miss your next client?

After Hours Answering

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Telephone Answering services

Not missing calls is not enough!

Making a good first impressions is paramount. In today’s online world, winning business is all about being able to offer a higher level of service and answering the phone by a real person, still remains the primary method potential and existing clients choose to make contact with businesses. Read More...

All calls answered locally

Our receptionists are;

Local | Intellegent | Professional | Well-spoken | Native speakers

We do not use overseas call centres that, generally create language barriers. Our Answering Service is 24/7, conducted in secluded environments with no call centre background noise, for a professional grade Answering Service. We are your Answering Service and not just a call centre that does short message taking.

local call answering service
10 Seconds Call answer guarantee

Call Answer Guarantee

Our call answer guarantee is: Your calls answered in 10 seconds or less, otherwise the call cost is FREE. It is imperative for business to have all calls answered. An Answering Service, which cannot or do not answer that call fast, are not doing your business any favours. It’s a known fact that callers will abandon the call

Toll Free Numbers

Keeping one-step ahead, you can add to your image and get noticed with a Toll Free number. Increasing your company presence and adding to your credibility, by selecting a toll free number for just $18.00 per month. Choosing a Toll Free number through OfficeEarth means no separate telco fees and it’s easy to provision during the signup process. It’s all ready to go as part of your set up.

Toll Free Numbers
  • StartUp
    Recommended for 0 - 15 calls
    No excuses
    • $2.90/min
    • $0.11 per SMS
    • $0.90 per call transfer
    • 1 user included
    • Free local number
    • 24/7 Answering
    • Unlimited outcomes
    7 Day Free Trial
    no credit card required for trial
  • Business
    Recommended for 15 - 40 calls
    Most popular
    • $1.50/min
    • $0.11 per SMS
    • $0.90 per call transfer
    • Unlimited users included
    • Free local number
    • 24/7 Answering
    • Unlimited outcomes
    7 Day Free Trial
    no credit card required for trial
  • Ultimate
    Recommended for 40+ calls
    Best in market
    • $0.90/min
    • $0.11 per SMS
    • $0.90 per call transfer
    • Unlimited users included
    • Free local number
    • 24/7 Answering
    • Unlimited outcomes
    7 Day Free Trial
    no credit card required for trial
Call Profiling

Call Rules

We are not a one-size-fits-all service. To be a premiere Answering Service, we allow unlimited outcomes for different call types. We know that your business gets different calls and different types of calls need to achieve different results. Some client calls are best handled by a short message which will result in someone from your team contacting them later. Other types call for prompt attention and need transferring to the nominated staff member. We provide you with the flexibility to choose the greeting and script your clients hear from the receptionists and the information provided to callers. Your receptionists now have the knowledge about your business and our proprietary Call Rules propels our Answering Service services to the next level. An extension of your team.

Warm Call Transfer

Transferring a call to a set number is like playing Russian roulette. If there is no one on the other end to take the call and it goes to voicemail, the whole purpose of having an Answering Service becomes moot. Calls that need transferring, follow the warm transfer protocol. The receptionist obtains the details of the call, places the caller on hold and contacts the nominated staff member. If the receptionist is able to make contact, the information of the call given and if permitted, the call is then transferred. Otherwise the receptionists comes back to the caller and advises that the staff member will return their call shortly. OfficeEarth Answering Service ensure the last point of call for your clients is a real person, not voicemail.

Warm Call Transfer
Call Escalation Service

Escalation Service

Some calls need transferring to staff members, day or night and immediately. Relax, OfficeEarth has you covered. Your receptionists will record the details of the call following simple or complex instruction sets and place the caller on hold whilst commencing to call the nominated list of contacts and warm transfer the call. Or end the call and proceed calling the nominated list until a staff member is contacted and a call back initiated. This business critical solution is just another reason why OfficeEarth is the premiere Answering Service provider.

Call Recordings

Inside your OfficeEarth portal you will find many insights into your business activities and call interactions. Here you can see every call received, in real-time with all the call data, message details as well as the call recording. Listen to the calls and tweak your scripts/FAQs for improved results and better outcomes. OfficeEarth Answering Service provide you with full transparency of our service, so you can work on your business and not in your business.

Call Recordings
Call Answering FAQ

Your company FAQ

You know what your company does, who the staff members are and where you are going. Now here is you opportunity to share that with the rest of your team at OfficeEarth. Adding and expanding your company FAQ, means providing valuable information to receptionists, to answer your callers enquiries, resulting in a better experience for the caller.

Empower the receptionists and makes them a credible extension of your team, instead of message takers who know nothing about your business and what you do. Save time and money by not having to return calls to callers, who could have their enquiries satisfied by the receptionists. Notification provided with email and portal message about every call, so you're in control, with your Answering Service from OfficeEarth.

Custom Forms - for each call type

Forget the one size fits all approach to answering your calls. You get different calls and each one needs to be handled differently. Different information needs to be gathered for different calls to make it useful. Your Answering Service makes it easy and let you customize everything

Drop Zone
Calendar Management

FREE calendar management

The calls are coming in and business is growing, fantastic. Now you need systems to ensure new and existing meetings are, diarised so you can get the most out of your staff and yourself. Clients calling to make or reschedule appointments no longer need a call back or calls transferred. Incorporated into the Answering Service is your Google Calendar. Your receptionists can add or reschedule appointments allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Our Promise

We will retain you as our client, based on our superior Answering Service and not because you’re contracted and can’t leave. No Lock-in Contracts.

No lock in contracts
no setup fees

No setup or termination fees

Start your Answering Service today on any plan with a 7 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Meet the team

Our team values more than big budgets.
We do our best to meet our customers expectations always.

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Thanks to OfficeEarth we can now concentrate on growing our business. Our clients believe we have our own receptionist at our office location, but with a much lesser cost to us than hiring our own receptionist Kate Burke , CEO

OfficeEarth has been vital to growing our business. The flexibility that was gained during our early months of not having the same outgoings for a city office and a receptionist, I can't even begin to explain how invaluable that has been, thanks again guys Jo-el Huber , Enterpriser

OfficeEarth receptionists are extremely professional and helpful and best of all my clients think I have a receptionist sitting at the front of my own office. Peter.H ,

We consider OfficeEarth and invaluable part of our team. They provide an excellent service with a fantastic understanding of our business and customers S.Conroy ,

We are a small charity with a professional team spread over two locations who need chunks of time each day to focus on our core activities, not on answering the phones. At the same time, because we help people in need, the personal touch is really important.
Knowing that a live professional is handling our incoming calls when we're not available makes it possible for us to focus on what we do best. The toll-free number looks great, and the email messages are clear and complete, which means nothing gets missed.
OfficeEarth's service for us is - in a word - invaluable.
Andrew Saffer , Aish Australia

We are busy trades people and are always onsite, so it's important for us to answer all our calls when we can't and book our next jobs. Thanks, OfficeEarth for looking after our bookings. George Irimia , North Suburban Tilers

We have been using OfficeEarth as a virtual assistant/office for the past few months and I LOVE it! We recently downsized our office and I have a young family so I needed a way to run my
business professionally but without the overheads of a fully functioning office. I looked around at a few options before choosing OfficeEarth and I found that their receptionists are efficient, intelligent and have a local feel. The system is simple to use, very customisable and professional. I've had customers say "oh, you've hired a receptionist" or "when did you get new staff?".
No-one would ever know that you are using a virtual assistant!
ANGI MAC , Hunter Accessories

I can confirm that I am really impressed by the OfficeEarth phone answering service. The feedback that I have had from my clients and colleagues is very positive. The receptionists at OfficeEarth answer calls to my business in a prompt, personal, friendly and professional manor. OfficeEarth phone answering service is a solid value adding proposition for my business and in turn my clients. I would recommend OfficeEarth to any busy business owner or professional who wants the confidence that their clients phone calls are being answered in a prompt and professional manor, when they are busy running their business. Regards, Daniel Edmonds , Hyaline Finance

OfficeEarth acts in a similar way to a front line customer service team when our customer service team has finished for the day. It is a great value service, and unlike many similar operations, employs smart, Australian-based telephone operators who represent our business perfectly Matt Dove , BetaView Aluminium

I have been using OfficeEarth for my business calls for over a year now and love the service! The receptionists are extremely professional and provide clear, concise messages. I love that I can effectively manage my time and return calls at a time that is convenient to me while knowing that my calls are being answered professionally and by a human - no matter what time the call comes in. The service provided by OfficeEarth is impeccable, highly recommended! R. Caradine , Admin Sourced

OfficeEarth 24/7 service is fantastic. I get messages after hours all the time. Previous service was open weekdays and closed at 5pm so I was missing out on jobs and income. OfficeEarth staff are very polite and have great phone manner, messages are complete, so I'm never guessing about the information and if they don't know the answer to any questions they advise the customer that someone will return their call and email me the specifics. OfficeEarth 24/7 service is the best, please don't change the offering. Augustine , High Power Cleaning

We have been using OfficeEarth for over six months now and have found it an invaluable resource for our business. They have saved us the cost of a full time receptionist, as well as enabled us to have a 24 hour phone answering services in case of emergencies. Very good value, and great customer support from the OfficeEarth staff. Stephanie , Tribeca Legal

We run a busy car hire business and our agents are always on the phone, so its imperative we don't miss calls and potential bookings. We are delighted with OfficeEarth as their friendly and helpful operators take any calls we can't get to in time. They really are an extension of our team and highly recommended. David H. , Quality Car Rental

The staff at OfficeEarth have been amazing. I am receiving very positive feedback from clients about the professionalism of each staff member taking my calls. I love the fact I can tailor the call forward option to hours that suit me. Each phone call is emailed through to me and there is even a log of calls on the website, which I have often gone back to to look up a clients phone number or email. Rachel Caradine, Account Manager, has been exceptional in her prompt responses to my enquiries and stepping me through some of the functions offered by OfficeEarth. Keep up the great work! Catherine Price , Tabs

We started using OfficeEarth initially as a message taking service during our busy peak periods. What happened from here was truly amazing. The team at OfficeEarth were able to customise a service specific to our needs meaning that not only could messages be taken, but call operators could actually convert sales leads into jobs sending them directly to our scheduler. Now the team at OfficeEarth are even using a payment gateway to collect funds from our customers which is deposited straight into our bank account. Gone are the days of having the office under/over staffed. OfficeEarth have proven themselves to be an indispensable part of our growing business handling all our requirements 24/7. We have direct access to a fantastic account manager who understands our business needs and is there, whatever we need. Highly recommended operation. Well done OfficeEarth!! Rebecca Conlon , Danicon

Customer Service is important to us, and since partnering with Office Earth we have noticed a difference with our client relationships. Knowing that all our calls are answered by a live operator 24/7 and handled as per our instructions give us great piece of mind. Yuliya Richard , Blue Horizon Counselling

I wish to thank you for your service that you are providing me. We had originally transferred from another virtual receptionist supplier and was very disappointed with the level of service. Some basic points that the other provider was not satisfactory were as follows. - Could hear the other calls going on in the background. - Didn't remember our company name and just answered the phone "hello" - We waited 6min for a call to be answered while trialling the service. - It took them almost a week to get our account operational. With OfficeEarth you guys had me up and running within the hour and were very helpful with setting up your service. You Online portal is great and easy to use. Not to mention your app that I have on my phone free of charge. Your service has given me the ability to attend jobs without the fear of missing another because I didn't get to the phone. I have been very happy with the support also should I wish to change anything and or improve the way we deal with calls. Your calls are always answered very quickly and dealt with a high level of professionalism. I am more than happy to recommend your service and I will be using it for a long time to come. Adrian Kowal , Kowelec

Thank you to Andrea for taking this call - sometimes my clients are upset, and it must be difficult for your staff to be in that position. Thank you also to all staff who take my calls, and do their job so well to assist me and my staff in running my practice. I have been very happy with the support given by Office Earth. Lee Galloway , Galloway Family Law